Confidence is feeling certainty about your actions, abilities and decisions.  It is the single most important factor in your success.

How coaching can help:

  • Develop your ability to analyze a situation without bias
  • Create self-awareness of your strengths and areas that need development
  • Gain the ability to separate yourself from your issues
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improve communication and connection with others
  • Increase your overall happiness and satisfaction with career and relationships
  • Learn techniques that enable you to be your own coach going forward

Solera Learning’s Confidence Coaching Program Helps People to Improve Their Attitude and Reaction to People and Problems.

Solera Learning’s Confidence Coaching Program is a 12-week program that takes you from feeling like a bystander in your own life to being the commander.  It will help you to develop the skills you need to effectively communicate personally and professionally.  It will give you self-assurance of your skills and abilities, empowering you to make strategic decisions in your career and it will give you the ability to improve your connections with friends and family.

No matter where your confidence level is right now, learning how to develop yourself is a skill you will carry with you forever and it will enable you to continuously improve and be your own coach going forward.  Solera Learning can give this to you.

  • Confidence Coaching is for people who want to improve the way they manage their life.  It’s for those who don’t follow through on commitment to themselves and others, for people who struggle to say what they really mean, or those who avoid confrontation.
  • Confidence Coaching is for men and women who are feeling like life has become a redundant activity without real joy or excitement.  It’s for those who aren’t sure what they’re here to do or achieve.  It’s for people who want to be and feel important and valued.
  • The first step in Confidence Coaching is a short intake questionnaire that is designed to identify if coaching is a good fit for you.  This is followed up with a voice or video call to further identify your goals and determine if you feel we can help.
  • After the intake process, you will begin a 12-week structured coaching program.  The program outline is consistent, but your needs will be the focus week by week.
  • Every even numbered week will include a voice or video call with your coach.  Sessions are 45 minutes.  Between coaching sessions you will have specific actions that must be completed.  These will be agreed upon by you and your coach.
  • You can reach your coach through text or email at any time during the 12-week program.
  • After the program is completed, your coach will schedule a follow up session one month after completion for a “tune up” to address any challenges you have post-completion.  There is no charge for the follow up session.

The coaching process is an intensive one.  You will be challenged to really look into yourself for what you think and feel.  That’s why coaching sessions are two weeks apart – you will need time to reflect.  We guarantee that if you do the work, you will get the results.  You can expect:

  • Greater ability to analyze situations and develop alternative courses of action
  • Improved understanding of self and others
  • Confidence in own beliefs, decisions, and actions
  • Improved happiness and self-esteem
  • Stronger sense of self
  • Clarity of goals and personal vision
  • Improved relationships at work and at home

Coaching is available using voice or video calls.  You and your coach will decide what is best. The program uses an online library to share information, tools, and techniques that can be downloaded for convenience.  Other information may be shared through video and webinars.

Ready to take the first step towards self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-esteem?

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